• Establishment and maintenance of the mandatory reserves of liquid fuels.

    Reloading and rental of storage areas for liquid fuels. 

  • 12 storage tanks with a total area of 46 000 m3

    More than 5 km of technological pipelines. 

  • Railway siding with a length of 516 m, which is able to accommodate 21 rail tankers and which is equipped with a scale. 

    Simultaneous unloading of 8 rail tankers. 

  • Two 3-product loading fronts with an online biocomponent dosing system. 

    Average loading time of a road tanker amounts up to 30 minutes.

The core business of this modern fuel depot, located in Mirostowice Dolne in the Lubusz Province, consists of reloading, storage, as well as establishment and maintenance of mandatory reserves of liquid fuels. Moreover, we provide services of domestic and international transport using the road tankers. We hold the OPC, MPC and WPC licenses. 

The facility with a total area of 22 ha was constructed in the 1930s for military purposes, and consisted of administrative-office buildings, social buildings, storage buildings, technical buildings and technological installations. At that time, the total capacity of the tanks amounted to 7 000 m3. In 1992, the Apexim Group started to lease this facility. Two years later it became its owner and began a multi-stage thorough modernisation of the infrastructure, while focusing on safety and environmental protection. 


I Stage 2005-2006:

  • modernisation of 7 tanks - each with a capacity of 600 m3
  • construction of hermetic sealing system for the processes of gasoline reloading and storage, along with a gasoline vapour collection system 

II Stage 2008-2010:

  • construction of 2 tanks - each with a capacity of 20 000 m³, along with the necessary accompanying infrastructure (water supply and sewage networks, technological installations, power lines, control lines)
  • expansion of the gasoline vapour recovery system 
  • modernisation of 3 tanks - each with a capacity of 600 m3, intended for ON
  • construction of a new loading terminal for road tankers, along with the necessary accompanying infrastructure and a complex of tanks for biocomponents
  • expansion of the railway unloading front, along with additional sealing of the siding, unloading collectors and vapour collectors
  • construction of weighing stations for rail tankers and road tankers

III Stage 2011-2014:

  • construction of a fall protection system:
  • TRASER rail fall protection system at the islands W1 and W2
  • rope safety system in the area of railway siding and ester tanks

IV Stage 2021 - in progress:

  • construction of the installation of concern-specific additives, along with an underground four-chamber tank with a total capacity of 10 m3. Dosing will be carried out with the use of online method.

V Stage 2022-2023:

  • planned expansion of the fire protection system
  • planned construction of the additional railway siding track

Total capacity of the tanks amounts to 46 000 m3

All tanks intended for fuel storage have fixed roofs and they are equipped with a metering system. The newly constructed tanks are equipped with a tightness control system, as well as water and foam extinguishing system. The tanks intended for biocomponent storage are thermally insulated and they are equipped with an installation for heating the product. Moreover, the following facilities are located within the depot: fire-fighting pumping station, supplied from two water tanks and 4 pumping stations for fuel reloading.

Length of the technological pipelines exceeds 5 km.


Storage tanks:

V = 20 000 m3 – 2 pcs

V = 600 m3 – 10 pcs

V = 50 m3 – 6 pcs

Railway siding and unloading stations

The siding is equipped with a railway scale, which allows to control the quantity of delivered product. The unloading station is protected against the penetration of petroleum products into the ground and in addition, it is equipped with a fire protection system (foam cannons).

NO devices have been installed at the unloading front: for 8 unloading stations of PB 95 and ON products, as well as 4 stations of PB 98 product. There is a possibility to unload 8 rail tankers at the same time.

Total length of the siding amounts to 516 m.

OBP installations and loading stations

The depot includes two 3-product loading fronts W1 and W2 - each of them with a capacity of up to 1 500 l/min, equipped with an online biocomponent dosing system (bioethanol, fatty acid esters).

Both islands for loading road tankers are equipped with fire protection systems and overfill systems, as well as a gasoline vapour recovery system.

Due to the use of the latest technology, the average loading time of a road tanker takes max. 30 minutes.

Moreover, there is a weighing station for road tankers located at the depot.